Wedgwood is a friendly neighborhood in northeast Seattle with a modest commercial strip. It is located just miles from of the University of Washington, and a convenient six miles from downtown Seattle.

There is a shopping district along 35th Avenue Northeast, including major supermarkets, restaurants, pubs, bakeries and small shops.

On Northeast 68th Street, just south of what the city unofficially defines to be Wedgwood proper, is the Seattle Public Library North East Branch, the largest neighborhood branch and the second-busiest public library, second only to the Seattle Central Library.

Much of Wedgwood was developed just after World War II, and the neighborhoods exude that comfy post-war vibe.
Wedgwood has Seattle's oldest and largest P-Patch, dating back to the mid-1960s; as of 2005, there are now 52 others throughout the city. The "P" originally stood for "Picardo," the family that farmed the land from 1922 to1965.

The neighborhood was named after the English bone china-maker Wedgwood, the favorite of the wife of Albert ("Al") Balch (1903–1976), the developer who named the neighborhood.

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