Though annexed into the City of Seattle in 1907, Ballard continues to maintain its small town qualities and sense of independence.  Located in an area bordered by both Puget Sound and Salmon Bay, water is an important part of Ballard’s community.

Tucked back from the sound, Salmon Bay provided a safe haven during winter months for Ballard’s first inhabitants, the Shilshole tribe. These local waters provided an abundance of salmon and clams for drying.

Today, Ballard continues to be the center of a unique combination of manufacturing, commercial fishing industries and recreational boating.  It boasts a vibrant commercial district with unique shops, boutiques, restaurants and music venues.  Although in a metropolitan area of Seattle, the water is everywhere you go in Ballard. Whether waiting while the bridge opens to let a ship through, watching a sailboat race off Shilshole, or enjoying a delicious salmon dinner, water is a part of life in this beautiful and unique community. 

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