Mahesh M.

Robin was extremely patient with our home buying process, answering all of our stupid questions, and working with us through the entire process of honing in what kind of home we wanted. When we found our home, he was great during the inspections process and afterwards as well! Robin is a wonderful realtor and you will benefit greatly from his in-depth knowledge of the market.

Doug F.

Robin did a superb job helping us find a great home.

Linette G.

Robin is awesome! He helped us find the perfect little house. We went through some challenging situations and Robin was patient with us. He is very knowledgeable, gave suggestions what he thought was good and not so good about the property and helped us stay positive. Thank you, Robin!

Rian M.

As first time home buyers, working with the myriad of people needed to purchase a home was a matter of trust. From the start of the process, Robin demonstrated that our trust in his choices and his advocacy on our behalf was well places. He knew how to ask the right questions to determine our needs and wants, frequently demonstrated his holistic knowledge of the real estate buying process, and ultimately helped us find a house that we are extremely pleased with at a price that we are also extremely pleased with. I highly recommend Robin to anyone looking to buy a home, and we will definitely be enlisting his services for the search of our next home.

Corrie W.

Robin worked with me for a year to sell my condo, and although it didn't sell in this rough market, I won't hesitate to work with him again once conditions improve. He kept it posted on Craigslist several times per week, always had fresh color fliers in my box, hosted several open houses and marketed my place to several clients and other real estate agents. Most helpful to me was that he followed up with all of the agents who showed my place and got some great feedback from them. He also kept me up to date with changes in the market during that time, and helped me decide when it was best to make price adjustments. All in all, he was extremely responsive and was on top of trying to get my home sold.


I saw you listed on Angie's list and was very impressed how quickly you got back to us after we contacted you. You were thorough and responsive to our needs. Thanks for helping us find our dream home.

Dan R.

We were first-time home buyers and coming into the market right when inventory was tightening and prices began rising, so we needed a realtor who would teach us the process and help us figure out what would work best for us. Robin helped us explore neighborhoods and chose properties for us to view that could help us narrow down our needs and wants. And when we found our house, despite the tight market and a challenging situation with the seller, he negotiated a good deal.

Robin is that rare balance of easy-going, knowledgeable, and clear-headed. If you're looking for a realtor who can guide you through the process and help you find good value in a home, talk to Robin.

Chuck B.

He helped us get set up with our first commercial property. Robin walked us through the steps, showed us a lot of properties, and took the time to make sure we understood everything and had thought it all through to make the right decision. In the end, we were (are) exceedingly happy with the location we finally leased. Thanks, Robin!!!

Jessica F.

We found Robin through a friend who had recently gone through her first home purchase experience. We also we're first timers. Robin showed us a few homes, and went out for a beer and gave a very honest and thorough run through of what to expect in the next coming months. His candid and straightforward approach was appreciated, and we immediately knew we were in good hands. Our price point was competitive, and inventory was incredibly low, so at times we were discouraged by what was on the market. When you see enough houses, sometimes you feel compelled to settle. But Robin would NOT LET THIS HAPPEN! He would not let us make a bad purchase and encouraged us to stay positive and keep looking. We found a house that we loved, with a great yard and everything we wanted a week later. Robin is thorough, knowledgeable, and most importantly personable. Additionally, with a hot market you want an agent who will respond quickly and communicate effectively, this is Robin.

Adam P.

Working with Robin was a fantastic experience for my wife and me as we searched for the right home. He does a great job of offering up his expertise and perspective while being extremely careful not to project his preferences onto our process, insuring that we could form our own opinion of the property. Our search ended up taking longer than we hoped (due to our ever-refining tastes and the housing market at the time) and Robin was able to roll with the punches, showing us house after house without expressing frustration or discouragement, and providing gentle nudges along the way to ensure we were being honest about what we wanted and were picking the right places to look at. At long last, we walked into the house we've been looking for, and Robin helped us play our cards perfectly to have our bid selected from an extremely competitive list. I would highly recommend Robin to anyone looking for a house. We couldn't have asked for a better person to help us find our home.

Eastern F.

Robin was an excellent and attentive agent who walked us through every step of the process with patience and great expertise. He was a tough negotiator as well and we ended up with a great deal that everyone was happy with. You'd be lucky to find such a good agent.