Seward Park

Seward Park is a neighborhood in southeast Seattle just west of the park of the same name. The park itself occupies all of Bailey Peninsula, a prominent, forested peninsula that juts into Lake Washington.

The neighborhood is bounded on the east by the Lake Washington, on the north by Genesee Street, on the south by Kenyon Street, and on the west by Rainier Avenue S.

The 300 acres of Seward Park has  a 120-acre surviving remnant of old growth forest,  providing a glimpse of what some of the lake shore looked like before the city of Seattle. With trees older than 250 years and many less than 200, the Seward Park forest is relatively young.

Seward Park, which was first settled by in great numbers in the 1880s, is built on the  largest residential hill in Seattle. In a series of annexations, the neighborhood joined the town of Southeast Seattle, which then joined the City of Seattle in 1907.

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